Depression and Insomnia: How Sleeping Patterns Impact Mental Health

Insomnia is very common among people with depression and affects about 10 to 15 percent of the United States population. Multiple studies in clinical research have shown that a lack of sleep can result in a reduced quality of life, causing an imbalance that can lead to depression. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that people… Read More »

How Pets Help Manage Major Depression

When you’re suffering from major depression, many find comfort with their pet – their best friend and biggest supporter. For tens of thousands of years, pets have been mankind’s best friend. Many even consider them part of their family. Whether it’s their unconditional love or their sixth sense when it comes to compassion and understanding,… Read More »

The Link Between Parkinson’s Disease and Depression

When you have Parkinson’s disease, it’s not unusual to become depressed. In fact, fifty percent of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease experience clinical depression. Like the physical symptoms of involuntary tremors, both physical and mental symptoms are caused by changes in the brain chemistry. April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, and over the past decade,… Read More »